Zambians should resist the attempt by the US to set up the AFRICOM office-Fred M’membe

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Socialist Party President Dr Fred M’membe has said that setting up a United States Africa Command Office in Zambia has serious implications for the Southern Africa Development Community defence initiatives and raises anxieties in the region.

Dr M’membe said that the US has provided direct and indirect military support to Zambia for a long time now using the existing embassy facilities and defence attaché hence there has been no need for a new office within the embassy.

He has wondered what security the US wants to provide in Zambia having been against the country’s sovereignty and engineered so many military coups on the African continent.

Dr M’membe said the biggest threat to the Security and sovereignty of Zambia are the US themselves whose interests are minerals in Zambia and DR Congo, particularly Cobalt.

He said like Cecil Rhodes, the US is coming back to re-colonise some African countries for purposes of getting minerals.

And Dr M’membe has urged Zambians to wake up and resist the attempt by the US to set up the AFRICOM office in the country in the interest of getting minerals from the region which belong to the indigenous people.

Source – Zambianobserver.com

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