VIDEO: Ben Lombe to sue the state

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Ben Lombe to sue the state

Lusaka celebrity hair stylist, Ben Lombe has disclosed to Bakwetu TV that he intends to sue the state. Ben Lombe, popularly known as Queen B disclosed what transpired that led him to visit the police station. Mr. Lombe, said that the police, acting as agents of the state recorded a video of him whilst at police station and leaked it to social media, an act that has affected him.

Ben, explained that earlier, he had a lady who commented negatively on his customer which made him upset. He then sent a voice note to the lady insulting her. The following day, the same lady turned up at his hair saloon where she demanded to know why he insulted her. She then told him to come to police station where he went.

At police station, Ben said that he begged for forgivenesss after realising that the same lady was the police officer. Ben added that the matter was settled and went back to his house. However, the following day, he was surprised to see a video of him apologising to the police office, an act that has affected him. Instead of the police protecting him, they submitted him to unwanted public ridicule.

Ben also disclosed that he is a cross dresser which he does in advertising his merchandise and business brand. Ben also told the tV network that he works from morning until 10pm. After closing his salon at 8pm, he then goes to tend to other clients at their houses who pays premium prices. When asked whether he is gay or not, Ben said that he is not gay and he simply goes on to maximise his business income. Ben 23, also said that the brand Queen B was easy to sale hence he adopted it.

Source – Zambianobserver.com

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