‘Suicidal thoughts and suicide aren’t a joke’ – Monalisa Stephen opens up on her struggles

Nollywood actress and body positivity advocate, Monalisa Stephen who seems to be depressed a few days ago has opened up on some of her challenges.

The TV star who had said she prefers to date old men via her Instagram page, revealed that she’s recuperating gradually, however, she added that sucide and sucidal thoughts aren’t no jokes.

“I am overwhelmed by the love, concern and support I have gotten in the last few days from my friends, family, loved ones and especially my amazing fanmily on here. I am still healing and at the right time, I hope to share my story, but for now I have decided to take it one day at a time. Suicide and sucidal thoughts aren’t a joke, many have not being lucky enough to survive. Many are still trying to survive. I respect you all, and I am rooting for you. Stay strong.

I am getting all the help I can, especially with the support I am getting just like my support system have all advised. I am working on getting the Monalisa brand back on board to be better and stronger. I look forward to creating positive contents as always. I remain Monalisa Stephen. Your number one body positivity advocate. Love and light,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

It would be recalled that the plus-sized model had hinted in her message that she was “tired of being betrayed because she trusts too much”.

She also revealed that she was ready to “quit”.

Many who saw her post are worried about the actress and they have been calling on her friends and those close to her to check up on her.

In the message, she wrote “This moment before my departure. I feel more clarity than I ever felt. Finally, I will be free, I will be free from all the voices, from the pain and you.

“I can’t stand the betrayal, I trust too much and too quickly. This is not what I want, but I can’t help it. I am just too weak and so I quit.”

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