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Roan hospital transformed into doctors’ training centre

The government has transformed Roan Antelope General Hospital in Luanshya district into a training center for trainee doctors.

Roan Antelope General Hospital Superintendent, Patrick Musonda, disclosed that the institution will be transforming trainee doctors into full-time doctors.

Dr Musonda said the hospital will soon receive eight trainee doctors to kick start the programme.

“Being a referral hospital for all hospitals in Luanshya, Masaiti and Mpongwe hospitals, we are transforming the hospital into a training centre and we will soon be receiving the first set of eight trainee doctors who will be transformed into full time doctors at the end of the training,” he said.

He disclosed that the hospital has so far received three senior resident medical officers and will receive more senior consultants to help in the training.

“We have so far received a consultant in pediatrics and I am one of the consultants in general surgery. We will receive another consultant in internal medicines, obstetrician and gynecology and we will also be calling in an urologist periodically for male patients to make sure that the hospital has comprehensive treatment,” he disclosed.

Dr. Musonda added that the move will enhance a well incorporated service delivery and also help bring the health service closer to the people.

Roan General Hospital is a referral hospital for Luanshya, Masaiti and Mpongwe districts and caters for over 450,000 people.

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