Police command rebukes cops for handling loudmouth Lusambo with kid gloves

Police command rebukes cops for handling loudmouth Lusambo with kid gloves

TWO Zambia Police Service officers have attracted the wrath of the Lemmy Kajoba-led command for treating corruption suspect Bowman Lusambo with kid gloves.

Last week, Lusambo was intercepted and apprehended by armed police officers as he emerged from a court room at the Lusaka Magistrates Court on fresh charges.

But instead of begging for mercy like is the case with those nabbed by police, the former Lusaka Provincial minister mocked the officers whose shoes he said were counterfeit brands from Kamwala Market and that he would promote them once the PF returned to power.

After boarding the dilapidated van that was to drive him to the police cells, Lusambo continued uninterrupted with running commentary and even ordered one of the officers to move from the edge of the trailer so he could sit there himself.

But the police command has found the softness of the officers unacceptable.

In a statement this afternoon, Police spokesperson Rae Hammonga explained that Lusambo’s apprehension was not a police operation but that it was an Anti–Corruption Commission operation in which the Zambia Police Service as a Principal law enforcement agency was requested to provide the necessary support.

Hammonga revealed that the police command took note of the video that went viral on social media depicting two officers with Lusambo during the apprehension.

“The police high command has been handling the matter and the two officers have since been seriously reprimanded for their unprofessional conduct of handling a suspect,” stated Hammonga.

“The Zambia Police Service Instructions Number 55(3) of Part Five is very clear on the procedure of handling suspects upon apprehension such as confining such persons,” he added.

Hammonga said as seen from the video, the two officers failed in their duties and such conduct by officers would not be tolerated.

He pointed out that in most circumstances, such acts of omission would not only be a danger to the suspect but also members of the public.

“All officers in the rank and file are reminded of the need to be professional and ethical during the execution of their duties. Any neglect or failure by a police officer whilst on duty will attract administrative and punitive measures against such an officer,” Hamoonga warned.

Further, Hammonga said the Inspector General of Police had since directed all Police Commanders on the need to remind officers under their charge of being professional and ethical during their execution of duties.


Source – Zambianobserver.com

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