PF Presidential hopeful Bizwell Mutale says PF is not rebradable

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Bizwell Mutale

PF Presidential hopeful Bizwell Mutale says the former ruling party can never be rebranded not even to be resuscitated for another breath in a Zambian Political lifetime.

Mr. Mutale says the new recycled non-performing Member of Central Committee appointed Party Acting President Given Lubinda is a final nail in the coffin.

He said the agenda of making sure that the Patriotic Front is dissolved and deregistered as an active political party in Zambia, has now come to light.

Mr. Mutale who is also PF mobilisation Committee Member said the grassroot members have stopped existing in the minds of the Central Committee as they are being ignored, a repeat of the candidate adoption mistake by the party in 2021.

He said that he is very concerned with the cartel working culture in the Patriotic Front, a signal that the former ruling party is completely gone and there is no return in any form.

Mr. Mutale said the Patriotic Front Party under the leadership style of Given Lubinda is dead and its time to pack the bags and stop dreaming of 2026.

He said the new cartel headed by Mr. Lubinda has risen to divide the PF deeper, shut the doors and send the party to its knees adding that the non-performing team of so-called Member of Central Committee is a new final team of PF Oblivion.

Below is a full statement



I have followed the unfolding events of Patriotic Front-Members of Central Committee with serious concerns and interest, the culture of working relationship between the Members of Central Committee and the Patriotic Front Members and their Party Structures has completely been driven apart and ignored.

The leadership of Hon Given Lubinda, the Acting Deputy President of Patriotic Front Party who forced the Patriotic Front Party President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu then, to sign a letter of his appointment as the Acting Deputy President of Patriotic Front without a Central Committee Consultation and approval of his appointment Party Structures.

Patriotic Front Party was Seriously Humiliated in 2021 General Election to the UPND Party that formed the new Government now and it recorded first ever unexpected loss as a sitting Government in Power, the People Spoke widely to reject Patriotic Front Party Government, under his watch Hon Given Lubinda who was then, sitting as the Member of Central Committee and National Executive Committee the Highest making decisions body for the entire PF Party, failed to accept the failure of the entire MCC and he chose to be a leader now proven to be a disastrous leader and continued to drive the Party in non-rebrand mood.

The Current Central Committee has been rejected and asked to step down to allow the Party Rebranding and gain the confidence of the PF members and Members of the Public. The most unacceptable behaviour that brought Patriotic Front Party to Lose Election and booted out of the office, it has continued, now under the watchful eye of Hon Given Lubinda whose agenda is to destroy and send Patriotic Front into Oblivion.

Patriotic Front Party has just completed itself, to confirm to the Patriotic Front Members and the Members of the Public that, it can never be Rebranded not even to be resuscitated for another breath in a Zambian Political lifetime what a send-off.

The new recycled non-performing Member of Central Committee appointed by Patriotic Front Party Acting President Hon Given Lubinda, it’s a final nail in the coffin, Patriotic Front Rest in Peace.

The agenda of making sure that Patriotic Front Party is dissolved and deregistered as an active political party in Zambia, has now come to light and the master minder has continued to cartel very successful and the feelings of the Members, that has believed in this Party have been ignored. The grassroot members at this point they don’t exist completely ignored. This is a repeat of the Candidate adoption mistake made it was not a mistake it’s a planned move
I’am very concerned with this issue of working in a cartel group style, circle systems has continued and it’s a big signal to confirm that Patriotic Front has completely Gone its over, there is no Return back in any form by any means the dream ends here and now.

I want to assist the Acting Deputy President Hon Given Lubinda to confirm that Patriotic Front Party under his leadership style its time to Pack the Bags and stop dreaming for 2026. It will not be rebranded and revitalised in any form; the Party has a lot of members that can turn this Party Around 100% but the Cartel of Destruction the same Cartel that Operated towards the General Election has continued. Segregation, tribalism, greed, infighting, selfish, betrayal and regional cartel.

There is nothing that has changed or that will change looking at the current situation in the Patriotic Front Party, we are sinking, too many lies and fake Pretences in PF Political stance, its over and will not return or exist ever again, into a real-life PF it’s time to accept the reality and turn the new Chapter, process it and move on game over.
The existence of PF was living in denial, and it has continued to do so, due to the cartel that thinks, it can take the will of the Patriotic Front Member and the member of The Zambian Public for Granted. There are still some people who have continued to relate themselves that, we came with H.E. President Michael Chilufya Sata MHSRIP, making themselves to be more relevant than the others, even feel better than the Family of the Party Founding Father.

This kind of PF Politics is over, PF need to focus on the realistic, some were PF Members to work and build the Party around the Country, while some were members of PF just Fattening their stomachs at the expense of the deserving members of the PF, talking rubbish and blackmailing people whom they don’t even know about and cheating the President while embezzling funds from him with false Pretence.
There are many reasons this PF Party has got to this stage and it’s no longer rumours’ its factual. There was an internal backstabbing and tribal alignment, friends Pocket alignment in terms of operations resources and Presidential appointments, this was highly controlled by the internal tribal cartel, the President did not have much Power, this one and that one we are not together (ABA TATULIBONSE), now the same cartel today in cooking oil and water, the new Cartel headed by Hon Given Lubinda has risen to divide the PF deeper and shut the doors and send the Party to its knees good bye.

Patriotic Front Youth and women were used only when needed and no support, and not even allowed to meet or be greeted by the President. The Cartel will surround the President when on the tour like he is an egg, there were few Police Security near The President and more Cartels became the Security of The President, these are high ranking Ministers, Member of Parliament, State House Staff that were members of the Cartel headed by The Secretary General Hon Davis Mwila then.

This incapacitated the President to get to meet the Local Police officials, Government officials, PF Party Official at Provincial level, District and Constituencies officials, I was meeting these people and they briefed me their concerns and I gave it to the President. This was not a standard operation it was cartel operation, now it’s a check mate new cartel Hon Given Lubinda is running the new error of finishing what was left of PF.

The non-performing team of so-called Member of Central Committee; it’s a new final team of PF Oblivion send-off.

Source – Zambianobserver.com

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