Nollywood Is Arguably Controlled By Women- Actress Mary Njoku

Nollywood Is Arguably Controlled By Women- Actress Mary Njoku

Nollywood actress, Mary Njoku, has noted that the industry was arguably controlled by women.

In an Instagram post , the founder of ROK TV noted that women “sign almost all the cheques.”

This is as she narrated how a lawyer wrote her off as “an actress whose career refused to blow”.

She wrote;

“Dear women, women are doing big things too! Few weeks ago, a family member needed a guarantor for her rent and I went to the lawyers office to sign.

I spent over 45 minutes trying to convince her I can afford the rent but she didn’t believe me. She thought I was an actress whose career has refused to blow. She needed proof that I am truly the Founder of ROK or the CEO of the studio.

I googled my name but she didn’t agree. In her eyes, I can’t be me. I am a small girl. The agent and I begged her to do her small research but refused.

I told her I will get the CEO of IROKOTV to co-sign but she said I was calling big big names. She insisted on seeing my business card. I had none. Business card that I can write anything on!

I had to call a male colleague whose career is ‘stronger’ than mine to help be the guarantor. She was a fan and super happy.

I was sad for her. She lives in a box; an old one.”

Today, Nollywood is arguably controlled by women. We sign almost all the cheques! But I guess I am too young and too simple to be ME.

I had no entourage. I waited at their reception. I was super polite to her. She even asked for the name of my grandfather’s village. I was nice. Yet she insisted on being a fool. Sad.”

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