Gory Photos: Woman Gets Eyeliner Pencil Lodged In Her Eye As She Does Her Makeup In A Taxi


Girls learn… It turns out doing makeup in the car is now a no no. This is the moment a woman was left with an eyeliner pencil lodged in her eye after the taxi she was travelling in slammed into a truck while she was putting on her make-up.

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The passenger, in her 20s, was sitting in the back of the cab in a slow-moving traffic jam in Bangkok, Thailand, and applying eyeliner on the way to see her friends.

But the cab driver then crashed into a pick-up truck in front – jolting the woman forward. She hit the seat in front, accidentally thrusting the pencil into her left eye.

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Incredibly, the stick missed the vital parts of her eye and her sight will be unaffected, according to medics who treated her.

Paramedic Thanabodee Sabbodi said while the crash was minor the ‘freak accident’ had caused half of the pencil to plunge into the eye socket of the young woman, who has not been identified.

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