After Simi knelt before Adekunle Gold in a show last month, Adekunle returns the gesture


After Simi lowered herself before Adekunle Gold in a concert to show him love and loyalty, the sensational singer has returned the gesture to the sweet-voiced Simi, as he likewise lowered himself before her to show his love and loyalty.

Indeed, respect is reciprocal, and love must be reciprocated. It was an emotional moment in a recent concert when singer Adekunle Gold went on his knees to show love and loyalty to singer Simi just like Simi did to him sometime back. Talks of a possible love affair between Adekunle Gold and Simi have been confirmed and disconfirmed over the years.

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But the duo keeps pulling stunts that make fans believe there is a real chemistry ongoing between them. While that aspect of their lives remains unconfirmed, the duo doesn’t stop pulling stunts every now and then for fans to make any possible thing out of. Just recently, Adekunle Gold knelt before Simi in a concert while performing on stage.

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It was an emotional moment. The singer lowered himself like he was about to pop the big question while Simi watched him with a gorgeous smile on her face. He held her by the hand and maintained eye contact until he rose. Love oooh!!!



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