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Help This guy out HitNg needs your donation to upgrade host Please

HitNg Needs Your Help Donate To Keep HitNg Live

We Are very sorry, our blog was down some weeks ago due to limited bandwidth.

We are unable to bring it live when we have less money for upgrading our host.

Please HitNg was down for 12 days and that really affected me. I think about this every day how I will upgrade to premium host.

Don’t think this blog is a company blog, the owner of this blog Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel is just 18 years old, 100 level student.

A student who was unable to pay his school fees, but sat to be a blogger not a yahoo boy or join bad gangs to make money.

Please if you love reading our post, or you just love to help this little boy out of thinking.

Please make a donation with any amount.

I will be glad and the Lord Jesus Christ will surely bless you.

Account Number -0762452716

Name – Akerele Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel

Bank – Access Bank

God bless you all and I love you also.