When you think of suicide
Think of the aftermath
When you think of suicide
Think of your family and those who loves you.
When you think of suicide
Think of you!
You commit suicide, the problems that made you do it won’t go away.
You commit suicide thinking you’ve escaped all the troubles,
But oh no! You actually got yourself into a bigger one.
The problem of eternal condemnation.
At the time of the temptation
Your reasoning is clouded
You think only of the present pain,
You forget all about the after pain.
No matter what, there is always at least one person in the world who loves you and will miss you, think of the pain your actions will cause this person.
Think of your eternity when you do this,
Think of what your actions will say of you, because suicide is an act of cowardliness.
Only the coward take the easy way out of problems when in reality the easy way out, is not really easy it’s just a farce.
And suicide is farce in the face of reality.
The brave face challenges and overcome because in real times challenges helps us grow and gather experiences,
Smile, let this be a thought for you when you feel weak and what to give in to Suicide.
And again I say smile, say to yourself suicide is a farce.
Da Eagle Emma!

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