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IT pains me that some of us were crushed by the Patriotic Front (PF) Government and kicked out of fuel haulage business on accusation that we were supporting the UPND, Freestone Enterprises proprietor Allan Lupenga has said.

Speaking to the Scoop yesterday, Mr. Lupenga said the PF was the most intolerant and ruthless regime to have ever ruled this country since independence and that it messed the lives of most Zambians who were thriving in business as long as they were accused of being opposition.

He recounts how some years back, his fleet of tankers were not registered after he voiced out against the mega sale of land in Ngabwe district where he is also a traditional leader.

“I had been running this business for a long time. Even under PF, I was running the business and never had issues with anyone but the moment I voiced out against the sale of land in Ngabwe where I come from, that is where the problem started.

“Despite meeting all the requirements, I tried to register my eight tankers over 10 times, but I drew a blank. I was given endless excuses until somebody openly told me that they would not register my tankers because they believed I was UPND,” Mr. Lupenga said.

He says he was forced to give his tankers away to his friends who were connected to the PF by registering them in their names but that this too did not help him.

“I had no way out but to give the tankers to some of my friends who were staunch PF supporters but where business is concerned, some of us Zambians are not honest and that is how I lost the business,” he says.

He is now into farming and ranching where he is doing well but says losing a flourishing business is a drawback and has cautioned politicians not to be vindictive but treat every Zambian equally even when what they stand for may not be in their best interest.

“The sin I committed was to speak for the people in Ngabwe. How do you protect people who sell 36, 000 hectares of land where the villagers live and when someone speaks out, you align him to the opposition? Yes, they squeezed me out of bushiness but it was not the only one who suffered.

“I had employed a lot of people and once the company went under, they too lost their jobs, their livelihood as they were thrown on the streets. I am thriving, but has the PF cared to know what happened to those who lost jobs as a result of its intolerance?” he asked.

(Allan Lupenga on the right in the picture)

Source – Zambianobserver.com

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