I want a female PA who won’t expose me online, who will mind her business, make money and ignore my lifestyle – Bobrisky

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Bobrisky has made a post on his social media page, announcing that he needs a female PA who will be able to keep his personal affairs private.

Recall that Bobrisky’s last PA was a lady called Onye Kyme. But their relationship turned sour and Onye stopped working for him. Shortly after that, she started exposing private information about Bobrisky online. This is apparently the reason he is skeptical about hiring someone else.

In his post, he asked why it is so difficult for personal assistants to mind their business, and quietly leave the job when they feel they have made enough money for themselves.

Bobrisky said he is afraid of hiring another PA because she might start keeping tabs of the men that give him money, in order to expose the information to blogs later.

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