Government to accelerate the inclusion of persons with disabilities in national development

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Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Doreen Mwamba says government has put up deliberate efforts to accelerate the inclusion of persons with disabilities in national development.

Ms Mwamba said this can be evidenced from the appointment of persons with disabilities to important positions of governance as a way of tackling issues that concern them.

ZANIS reports that the minister was speaking during a handover ceremony of the status report on persons with disabilities following a stakeholder consultative meeting held on January 14, 2022.

Ms Mwamba further said the interaction between government and representatives from Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAPD) is also an indication of the commitment to addressing their issues.

“Going forward, this will be a norm so that persons with disabilities are allowed to occupy positions that will enable them influence decisions affecting them and also contribute to matters of national interest,” Ms. Mwamba noted.

She assured that her ministry will review the report and reflect on some of the recommendations to find best ways of addressing issues affecting persons with disabilities.

And Goodwill Ambassador for Persons with Disabilities, Elijah Ngwale, has called on government to strategically position a representative for persons with disabilities at the highest level of governance.

Mr. Ngwale said this will enable government to get firsthand information on the plight of persons with disabilities in an effort to find lasting solutions their challenges.

He bemoaned the low level of attention given to issues that concern persons with disabilities thereby disadvantaging them to benefit from national development.

Mr. Ngwale highlighted some of the recommendations which include the need for persons with disabilities to be given a platform with President Hakainde Hichilema as it has happened with other groupings since he assumed power last year.

“The fact that ZAPD is established by an act of Parliament makes ZAPD to be superior at any government department, including department of Social Welfare,” he said.

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