Fuel Prices May Go Up Next Month, Warns Energy Minister

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Lusaka ~ Mon, 9 May 2022

By Brightwell Chabusha

Government officials have continued issuing contradictory statements over the issue of fuel prices.

Following sentiments by Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises that the New Dawn Administration will not increase fuel prices anymore, Minister of Energy Peter Kapala yesterday said his counterpart should be corrected.

Mr Kapala warned when he featured on ZNBC’s “Sunday Interview” that depending on circumstances, petroleum prices may go up next month.

He said government has indicated on different platforms that it is getting rid of the subsidies on the commodity.

The Minister said fuel is currently still being subsidies as the New Dawn Administration has not removed the import duty on the commodity yet.

“You have just said quoted, I don’t know I haven’t received a report to that effect. If it is true, then it needs to be corrected. The truth of the matter is we react to the international trend, that is all. So if there is a prediction that the prices of petroleum will come down, I will be the happiest Minister of Energy to announce the further decrease,” he said.

Commenting on the complaints members of the public have repeatedly had on the monthly reviews, the Minister said even South Africa and Kenya are doing the same and it is working for them adding that it has to work for Zambians too.

Members of the public have been lamenting that the monthly reviews affect their planning in different businesses.

And Mr Kapala said he could hope that the fuel prices will reduce further.

“I can hope that the fuel prices reduce further. Because right now we are in a process of removing the comingled crude in the TAZAMA pipeline. It will be done maybe in the next month or so, so that we can use the cheaper means of transporting from Dar es Salaam by Pipeline into Ndola, mainly, low Sulphur diesel. Petrol will however still come through the road. So there could be some further reduction in the price of diesel,” he said.

Source – Zambianobserver.com

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