Criss Waddle Set To Address All Rumors Spread About Him In New Album

Chief Executive Officer of AMG Business, Criss Kwaku Waddle is set to address all rumors peddled about him on the internet with his new upcoming Album.

Criss Waddle is one of the music persons who have been carved in the media space with different images in the minds of people. Criss Waddle has been represented in the media as a ritualist and other stuff.

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There have been rumors on social media about the music executive and questions have been raised concerning his source of income. Some people have alleged that Criss Waddle is a spiritualist and sacrifices human blood for money.

Also, 2 years ago, it was rumored that Criss Waddle and Ibrah One were occult members who worship from the same temple. He has also been accused of being gay.

In the light of the rumors peddled, Criss Waddle is set to address all the rumors in his new album. He took to his page and wrote…

“Misconception is what is leading the world astray, One man them say he Dey do all this to make money why, how much he get? putting your own narrative out there allows the youth to be misguided. A lot will be clarified on this new album. 10 am today first official song drops from the album with a video on YouTube. Criss Waddle’s #AMGBiZESD is finally coming”.

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