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Civil Society Organizations challenged to work with rural community

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Zimba District Administrative Officer (DAO), Gift Hajongola has challenged Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the country to consider spreading their operations in rural areas where their services are required most.

Mr Hajongola observed that most CSOs have only concentrated on servicing people in urban leaving out rural areas.

Speaking during a stakeholder consultative meeting in Zimba yesterday, the DAO welcomed both local and international CSOs to take a keen interest in service and investing in Zimba district.

Mr Hajongola appealed to strive to serve in rural areas in order to strike the balance by filing in the gap that exists between urban and rural areas.

He explained that people in rural areas are faced with many challenges as there is widespread poverty plus low income disparity among the rural populace.

He said investing in the district would help create jobs for the local people as well as contribute to the country’s economy.

He cited that Zimba district is a favourable destination for investment due to the good policies which the government had put in place.

“It’s prudent that both local and foreign CSOs supplement government efforts of developing this nation by taking keen interest in opening Offices here in Zimba as opposed to just working in urban areas,” he said.

Mr. Hajongola however, commended Environment Africa, Care International and World Vision that are operating in Zimba district thereby helping government improve the livelihood of the people through agro-business, climate change mitigation strategies and education sectors.

He called on other CSOs in the country to set up their Offices in Zimba district.

“Our agenda for economic diversification as a district is anchored on manufacturing, education, health, agriculture, fishery and tourism which CSOs could tap from,” Mr. Hajongola said.

The DAO expressed gratitude that Environment Africa and Care International had injected huge funds in United States Dollars that would be invested in agriculture and environment sectors in the district.

Mr. Hajongola said Government alone cannot manage to provide everything to its citizenry but requires CSOs to help and come on bold in the provision of goods and services to people.

“Potential CSOs in the country are welcome and can come and set up what is missing here in Zimba district. Government alone can’t manage to provide everything to the Zambian people,” Mr. Hajongola said.

The meeting held yesterday in the Council chamber was attended by key government departments, civil society, the church and representatives from markets and bus stations.

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