As a Man, Don’t Be Too Quick To Tell A Woman These 3 Things

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Most people nowadays make the mistake of focusing their feelings on women they dislike. As a man, you must understand that people differ and that each young lady has her distinct personality. Until you have a close relationship with her, you are not obligated to advise her on private matters. Don’t get me wrong: you should be upfront in your dating, especially if you want to marry her. I advise that you keep a close eye on how she reacts to different situations, how she interacts with others around you, particularly your family, and how she addresses different people. The following are some things you should avoid telling a young lady.

1. Talking about your family. I understand that you are depressed and need someone to talk to, but you must understand that telling a woman about your family problems is inappropriate. If you tell someone outside your family about your problems, you risk losing her or being judged by her.

2. Don’t be in a hurry to tell a female friend about your weaknesses and flaws. Keep in mind that no one is flawless, and we all have flaws. Be honest with her, but don’t tell her everything about yourself.

You should keep your weaknesses, imperfections, and secrets hidden from her since she may use them against you later. Ladies are swift, especially when they are confronted. They may use what you advise them to confront you or tell others about it.

3. Don’t tell a woman your financial situation immediately. Many men go overboard with this information, especially when they’re trying to make a young lady like them. Unfortunately, if you rush to tell a woman about your financial situation, your connection with her may be short-lived.

This is because many women are truly interested in money, which is why some women date males.

I know you might have learned something from this article. What is your opinion on the topic of discussion? Feel free to share your thoughts and don’t forget to like, share this article to get to others, and follow my timeline for more interesting articles.

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  1. Agatha Alexander's Reply

    Pls stay away from this is only interested in ur money find someone that wi show u luv

  2. But in most cases you open up to that woman who understand and trusted you

    • You married her. As long as we don’t know the story behind you too, we can never really tell you what and what not to do. It’s well

  3. The ball is in your court,but it’s obvious that she can’t endure with u in hard time use your brain.

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