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Mutotwe Kafwaya

Lunte PF Member of Parliament Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya writes….


We are living in very interesting times.

Modernity advanced by widespread technological development has made it easier for many to perceive what is happening in and around us.

Right now, our country is waiting for outcomes on a number of national issues of tremendous interest such as:

() the content of a private conversation between a Diamond tv journalist (Jonah) and the President. If at all it has already taken place or it is yet to. This conversation begun in public and it is of public interest – so we keep waiting.

() the DPP’s Oath of secrecy removal – we are granted to understand that the DPP has requested His Excellency the President to lift her oath of secrecy so that she can defend herself. So far, on this issue, we haven’t heard from Anthony or Hon Haimbe. These two colleagues are the only ones I have heard speaking on behalf of the President or Presidency – whether Hon Haimbe did so legitimately or illegitimately is a different matter.

AFRICOM is certainly the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. This undertaking has huge potential ramifications both for the country and the region at large.

I have observed that it has stimulated debate not only nationally but regionally as well. In this debate, I have not seen anyone submitting in favor of it. All national and regional submissions are against the establishment of this command.

This is the position of COLLECTIVE wisdom.

I am on the side of collective wisdom. To put it a little politically, what choice do I have when the people have said NO. And knowing very well that I am JUST a representative of the people.

When that foreign general announced this project, I was given to understand that the Zambian Government had agreed for AFRICOM to be established here in the country. If this is true, my advice to the Government will come in a mixed form of expressions and questions as below:

() please do not forget about ACCOUNTABILITY just because this is AFRICOM. The same Zambians who want Government to fight corruption, do not want AFRICOM established in their country. It may beneficial to listen and accept the will of the people.

Remember that as Government, you are accountable to the people who placed their sovereignty under your leadership.

If the Government decides to allow this project in spite of its utter rejection by the people, one or two questions or more may then beg answers:

() the people don’t want it, in whose INTEREST would it be established?

() could there be benefits to accrue to the Zambian people if the command is established? Why don’t we get a presentation from Government in this regard?

PATRIOTS – love their country. They always act in the best interest their country. My mother, who was a freedom fighter, taught me this early in life.

Hon Mutotwe KAFWAYA, MP


Source – Zambianobserver.com

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