Africa urged to attract more investments

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Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings( ZCCM- IH) has advised governments in the African region to work towards attracting more investment to their country’s natural resources in order to enhance infrastructure development.

ZCCM -IH Chief Executive Officer, Dolika Banda has observed that as Africa strives at achieving regional integration through infrastructure development, there is need for countries to foster partnerships in various sectors of their economies.

Ms. Banda was speaking in Cape Town, South Africa today when she appeared on the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABCs) panel of discussion on “mobilising public commitment and political leadership, to advance regional integration and sustainable development through infrastructure.”

Ms Banda explained that governments alone cannot manage to put up and mobilise all the required capital that can be spent in sustainable infrastructure development.

She said this is why governments should attract premium investment by creating an enabling environment for investments to thrive by making policies and regulatory frameworks that are transparent and viable.

Ms Banda cited the provision of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes by investors that have tangible benefits to the local communities as one avenue that governments should utilise to enhance infrastructure development.

At during the same programme, a digital technology expert, Janadu Pleasis has praised Zambia for the progress being made in reducing the cost of connectivity in the area of communication.

Mr. Pleasis said Zambia is among the few countries on the African continent that is making positive steps to make the cost of connectivity low, adding that this will go a long way in attracting more innovations especially among upcoming small and medium entrepreneurs.

He further called for more infrastructure development in the digital space to support more innovations to offer home grown solutions that are affecting Africa.

The programme was also attended by Deputy Secretary to Cabinet, Siakazongo Siakalima and Ministry of Finance and National Planning Permanent Secretary, Mukuli Chikuba.

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