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2018 Kidnapping Safety Tips By HitNg For Children And Parents



Kidnapping is taking away someone forcefully or transporting a person against their will and holding them against their will.

Kidnapping has been identified as a source of finding employed by terrorist groups. They hold people, including children, in hostages and demand for money before releasing them. The terrorists are abductors. Those held in hostages are know as the abductees.

Everywhere, not a week goes by without a report of a child abduction, molestation, or loved one who has turned up missing.

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This can be minimized through proper safety tips education:

  • Be smart and intelligent
  • Don’t go to school alone
  • Always go in company of a friend or friends.

Tunde Observed a Car Trailing Them. Be Observant Always. (HitNg)

If you notice that a stranger has been following you or your car for some time, inform any body or your driver immediately. At such instance, it is advisable you turn, and go in the opposite direction.

⚠ Watch For:

  • When strangers walk after you, do run and scream for help.
  • When a stranger invites you to join him in his car, Say NO!
  • Make sure you run as fast as you can.
  • Do Not write your name in any object that you carry about especially your clothes.
  • Parents should not allow their younger children to go out alone.
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From School To Home

  • Never take shortcuts.
  • If you are on a bike, ask your driver to obey traffic rules.
  • Stay with a group of friends while waiting for your driver to pick you from school.
  • If stranger offers you a ride, say “NO, thank you.”, If he persists, scream for help.
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